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Phara Dar Down!!!

FameEQ - 13 days ago

We beat Kunark! Congrats gentlemen, very well done with a super-slim raidforce, VP smashed onward to Velious! 3 Robes, 1 Cloak- Best loot possible? I think so!

RIP Trakanon

FameEQ - 34 days ago

Venril Sathir, Faydedar, Talendor, Severilous

FameEQ - 41 days ago

VS and Faydedar smashed! Congrats to everybody who completed their epics this week and to those who put in the late hours to get theirs done server first. Thank you to everybody for coming together as a team this week to accomplish our goals. Warrior recruiting is a high priority at the moment- we need more main tanks! 

PVP Tournament and Guild Fun Night

FameEQ - 49 days ago

Thanks to all who came out to participate in our first 'Guild Fun Night'. Everybody had a blast and we will make this a annual 'pre-expansion unlock' event! 

Congratulations to our 1v1 elimination tournament winner Filthy. He received a krono for his big win. This krono was brought to you by Kiroa who generously donated it to the guild bank for our festivities. 


Congratulations to our 6v6 group champions Muggs, Seleyna, Sabbyy, Neckbeardmilady, Kaon and Garak. Each received 2,000p for thier win!

Eye of Veeshan DOWN!

Buddamage_mangler - 65 days ago

No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em