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Gates Crashed & Smashed

FameEQ - 40 days ago

Tunat'Muram has been slain by The Golden Roosters! 

It's been a very long time since we've had some challenging new content to tackle and after much anticipation, Gates of Discord finally arrived earlier this week. Despite server issues at unlock- we were able to execute our game plan and smash out all Gates progression in only 3 raid nights. Thank you to all of our dedicated members who made this achievement possible. The loot train continues, next stop- Omens of War! 

Quarm Dead, Planes of Power Beaten!

FameEQ - 169 days ago

Quarm has been slain, The Golden Roosters have cleared Planes of Power! Thank you to all our members who made this achievement possible. 

Now, some random screenshots from our journey to the top!

Luclin send-off PVP fun night!

FameEQ - 186 days ago

Congratulations to the winners of our group vs group FFA brawl

Congratulations to Tonponbo for winning the MS Paint competition. 

Now onward to Planes of Power! Karana and Zebuxoruk need our help!

Aten Ha Ra Slain, Luclin Finished!

FameEQ - 249 days ago

Congratulations and many thanks to our members who made this momentous achievement possible. Now we can sit back and enjoy the Vex Thal loot train. 

Luclin demolished only Vex Thal remains!

FameEQ - 256 days ago

We have been very busy since Luclin launch! Great job everybody on Emperor keys and banes, now onward to Vex Thal!

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