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Luclin is coming!

FameEQ - 4 days ago

Come grab some sweet Luclin booty with The Golden Roosters! 

 While many guilds have come and gone since Mangler launched, The Golden Roosters have remained firm. As we continue to absolutely demolish all Velious content we are awaiting the arrival of Luclin!

Join The Golden Roosters for our Luclin adventures today! 

Vulak Dead, ToV Cleared. Big loot for all

FameEQ - 48 days ago

Velious, oh glorious Velious has arrived!

FameEQ - 53 days ago

In the words of my man T.I "Big things poppin, and little things stoppin". 

Goodbye Kunark PVP Event!

FameEQ - 53 days ago

Congratulations to the winners of our group vs group competitions! Approximately 40KR worth of goods, plat and raw krono were won / distributed to the guild from the guild bank. 

Phara Dar Down!!!

FameEQ - 104 days ago

We beat Kunark! Congrats gentlemen, very well done with a super-slim raidforce, VP smashed onward to Velious! 3 Robes, 1 Cloak- Best loot possible? I think so!

No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em