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Event Item Report

Total Items


Item Counts

Name#∑ PriceAvg. Price
[amulet of necropotence ] 2620310.00
[amulet of the dreadgazer] 1450450.00
[ancient fire etched flamberge ] 155.00
[ancient wurm hide robe ] 1125125.00
[Ancient Wyvern Hide Boots]155.00
[axe of the kromzek kings ] 155.00
[barrier of sound ] 27537.50
[Beldron's Vambraces of Impiety] 1250250.00
[bile etched obsidian choker ] 1500500.00
[Blazing Boots of Fennin Ro] 12020.00
[Blazing Bracer of Fennin Ro] 1100100.00
[Blazing Breastplate of Fennin Ro] 15050.00
[Blazing Gauntlets of Fennin Ro] 1115115.00
[Blazing Greaves of Fennin Ro] 1175175.00
[Blazing Helm of Fennin Ro] 155.00
[blydreins ]2105.00
[boots of the storm ] 1200200.00
[Boots of the Vindicator]1500500.00
[bow of the destroyer ] 2525262.50
[bow of the silver fang ] 210552.50
[bracelet of the sky ] 1130130.00
[brain of cazic-thule ] 1600600.00
[Chestplate of Vindication] 1430430.00
[claw of lightning ] 13535.00
[Cloak of Falling Stars]1425425.00
[Cloak of Venom] 211557.50
[cowl of mortality ] 216080.00
[Cracked Claw of Zlandicar] 11010.00
[crimson robe of alendine ] 12525.00
[crown of resilience ] 1100100.00
[Crystasia's Crystal Ring] 1850850.00
[Darkwood Trunk ]216080.00
[dawncaller blade of the morning ]155.00
[dragonrib club ] 12020.00
[fearsome shield ] 15050.00
[fist of lightning ] 17070.00
[Flayed Barbarian Hide Mask] 21700850.00
[Frakadar's Talisman] 27035.00
[Frostwrath] 17575.00
[gauntlets of mortality ] 155.00
[Gharn's Rock of Smashing] 1400400.00
[Gloves of Fire] 155.00
[greaves of the deep sea ] 1200200.00
[horn of hsarga]15555.00
[Iron Scroll of War] 3650216.67
[katana of pain ] 155.00
[King Tormax's Head] 21600800.00
[kreizenn's flame ] 15050.00
[Mask of Venom] 1100100.00
[Mithril Boots] 1275275.00
[mrlokar's dagger of vengance]111001,100.00
[Onyx Chain Leggings] 2890445.00
[Onyx Chain Sleeves] 1625625.00
[onyx gauntlets ] 1225225.00
[orb of the crimson bull ] 2500250.00
[Orb of the Deep Sea] 1350350.00
[Orb of the Infinite Void] 1120120.00
[peerless dragonhide breeches]15050.00
[Peerless Dragonleg Breeches] 15050.00
[puppet strings ] 15050.00
[Ring of Superiority] 1285285.00
[rowly's metal armguards]1600600.00
[shadow fang necklace ] 12525.00
[Shield of Dragonkind] 1300300.00
[Shield of Fury] 155.00
[Shield of Rainbow Hues] 155.00
[Shield of the Dawn] 15555.00
[shield of the dragonkind]1205205.00
[Shield of the Protector] 2157.50
[Shield of the Stalwart Seas] 155.00
[Shield of the Wurms] 3365121.67
[Shield of Thorns] 155.00
[shining metallic pantaloons ] 1700700.00
[Silent Fang Necklace] 23015.00
[Silver Disc] 1250250.00
[Silver Tear] 1130130.00
[sky watcher's monocle ] 1250250.00
[sledge of smashing ] 1150150.00
[Slime Blood of Cazic-Thule] 1200200.00
[spinning orb of confusion ] 1155155.00
[staff of undead legions ] 155.00
[thunderstone ] 1100100.00
[war bow of rallos zek]1180180.00
[White Dragon Scale Sash] 1275275.00
[whitestone shield ] 24020.00
[worked dragonhide breastplate] 212060.00
[Wrist Guard of Thunder] 2320160.00
[Zlandicar's Heart] 22010.00

All Items

Item NamePriceClassWinner
[amulet of necropotence ] 310Magician MagicianShortie
[amulet of necropotence ] 310Magician MagicianBuddamage
[amulet of the dreadgazer] 450Cleric ClericCulan
[ancient fire etched flamberge ] 5Shadow Knight Shadow KnightBenavidez
[ancient wurm hide robe ] 125Necromancer NecromancerZaspar
[Ancient Wyvern Hide Boots]5Ranger RangerSwollen
[axe of the kromzek kings ] 5Warrior WarriorDraft
[Barrier of Sound] 20Necromancer NecromancerZaspar
[barrier of sound ] 55Magician MagicianRson
[Beldron's Vambraces of Impiety] 250Warrior WarriorPaingain
[bile etched obsidian choker ] 500Rogue RogueLinley
[Blazing Boots of Fennin Ro] 20Cleric ClericKiroa
[Blazing Bracer of Fennin Ro] 100Bard BardCorvid
[Blazing Breastplate of Fennin Ro] 50Bard BardKalitheus
[Blazing Gauntlets of Fennin Ro] 115Warrior WarriorKlint
[Blazing Greaves of Fennin Ro] 175Bard BardJinn
[Blazing Helm of Fennin Ro] 5Cleric ClericKiroa
[blydreins]5Ranger RangerLaneril
[blydreins ]5Necromancer NecromancerGhastreaver
[boots of the storm ] 200Paladin PaladinBruenar
[Boots of the Vindicator]500Shaman ShamanSolmon
[bow of the destroyer ] 40Ranger RangerAirwrin
[bow of the destroyer ] 485Ranger RangerEcclesiastes
[bow of the silver fang ] 5Ranger RangerOake
[bow of the silver fang ] 100Ranger RangerLaneril
[bracelet of the sky ] 130Rogue RogueLinley
[brain of cazic-thule ] 600Necromancer NecromancerKalandar
[Chestplate of Vindication] 430Shaman ShamanMoleman
[claw of lightning ] 35Ranger RangerAirwrin
[Cloak of Falling Stars]425Rogue RogueLilmuggs
[cloak of venom ] 5Necromancer NecromancerKalandar
[Cloak of Venom] 110Shadow Knight Shadow KnightNecrowarrior
[Cowl of Mortality] 60Monk MonkTonponbo
[cowl of mortality ] 100Ranger RangerLaneril
[Cracked Claw of Zlandicar] 10Ranger RangerAirwrin
[crimson robe of alendine ] 25Magician MagicianRson
[crown of resilience ] 100Monk MonkNurisaki
[Crystasia's Crystal Ring] 850Warrior WarriorDraft
[Darkwood Trunk ]80Necromancer NecromancerAmadais
[Darkwood Trunk ]80Shaman ShamanMoleman
[dawncaller blade of the morning ]5Paladin PaladinBruenar
[dragonrib club ] 20Ranger RangerAirwrin
[fearsome shield ] 50Warrior WarriorKlint
[fist of lightning ] 70Ranger RangerSwollen
[Flayed Barbarian Hide Mask] 850Rogue RogueHidez
[Flayed Barbarian Hide Mask] 850Rogue RogueAshtera
[Frakadar's Talisman] 10Ranger RangerDilfondola
[Frakadar's Talisman] 60Cleric ClericCulan
[Frostwrath] 75Paladin PaladinHurricayne
[gauntlets of mortality ] 5Ranger RangerSwollen
[Gharn's Rock of Smashing] 400Monk MonkKicken
[Gloves of Fire] 5Magician MagicianBuddamage
[greaves of the deep sea ] 200Warrior WarriorBushi
[horn of hsarga]55Warrior WarriorZiltoid
[Iron Scroll of War] 200Necromancer NecromancerKalandar
[Iron Scroll of War] 200Shaman ShamanSandamak
[Iron Scroll of War] 250Druid DruidRacksout
[katana of pain ] 5Bard BardCorvid
[King Tormax's Head] 1100Wizard WizardJammie
[King Tormax's Head] 500Druid DruidNerene
[kreizenn's flame ] 50Ranger RangerSwollen
[Mask of Venom] 100Warrior WarriorKlint
[Mithril Boots] 275Warrior WarriorBushi
[mrlokar's dagger of vengance]1100Rogue RogueLinley
[Onyx Chain Leggings] 445Ranger RangerAirwrin
[Onyx Chain Leggings] 445Shaman ShamanZirithi
[Onyx Chain Sleeves] 625Ranger RangerOake
[onyx gauntlets ] 225Warrior WarriorBushi
[orb of the crimson bull ] 250Cleric ClericZoltira
[orb of the crimson bull ] 250Necromancer NecromancerAmadais
[Orb of the Deep Sea] 350Warrior WarriorKlint
[Orb of the Infinite Void] 120Enchanter EnchanterFame
[peerless dragonhide breeches]50Bard BardJulius
[Peerless Dragonleg Breeches] 50Shaman ShamanDomingox
[puppet strings ] 50Shaman ShamanOshama
[Ring of Superiority] 285Necromancer NecromancerSanteria
[rowly's metal armguards]600Druid DruidNerene
[shadow fang necklace ] 25Rogue RogueLilmuggs
[Shield of Dragonkind] 300Cleric ClericAnowin
[Shield of Fury] 5Shadow Knight Shadow KnightVleth
[Shield of Rainbow Hues] 5Shadow Knight Shadow KnightNecrowarrior
[Shield of the Dawn] 55Paladin PaladinBruenar
[shield of the dragonkind]205Cleric ClericKamur
[shield of the protector ] 5Paladin PaladinHugues
[Shield of the Protector] 10Paladin PaladinBruenar
[Shield of the Stalwart Seas] 5Paladin PaladinQuintessential
[shield of the wurms ] 60Shaman ShamanSandamak
[Shield of the Wurms] 155Shaman ShamanSolmon
[Shield of the Wurms] 150Shaman ShamanZirithi
[Shield of Thorns] 5Bard BardJulius
[shining metallic pantaloons ] 700Magician MagicianRson
[Silent Fang Necklace] 25Monk MonkNurisaki
[Silent Fang Necklace] 5Monk MonkKicken
[Silver Disc] 250Warrior WarriorZiltoid
[Silver Tear] 130Warrior WarriorDraft
[sky watcher's monocle ] 250Cleric ClericLolina
[sledge of smashing ] 150Paladin PaladinBruenar
[Slime Blood of Cazic-Thule] 200Ranger RangerColdlogix
[spinning orb of confusion ] 155Shadow Knight Shadow KnightNecrowarrior
[staff of undead legions ] 5Necromancer NecromancerKalandar
[thunderstone ] 100Monk MonkSabbyy
[war bow of rallos zek]180Ranger RangerPwned
[White Dragon Scale Sash] 275Cleric ClericKiroa
[whitestone shield ] 15Warrior WarriorZiltoid
[whitestone shield ] 25Warrior WarriorKlint
[worked dragonhide breastplate] 60Paladin PaladinHurricayne
[worked dragonhide breastplate] 60Shaman ShamanSolmon
[Wrist Guard of Thunder] 270Monk MonkSabbyy
[Wrist Guard of Thunder] 50Monk MonkNurisaki
[Zlandicar's Heart] 5Enchanter EnchanterScene
[Zlandicar's Heart] 15Magician MagicianShortie

Items by Class

#∑ PriceAvg. PriceClass
638564.17Bard Bard
91815201.67Cleric Cleric
31350450.00Druid Druid
212562.50Enchanter Enchanter
71420202.86Magician Magician
81010126.25Monk Monk
101575157.50Necromancer Necromancer
956562.78Paladin Paladin
182390132.78Ranger Ranger
73880554.29Rogue Rogue
528056.00Shadow Knight Shadow Knight
112180198.18Shaman Shaman
152895193.00Warrior Warrior
111001,100.00Wizard Wizard
No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em