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Tunare/Yelinak/Velkator Kill
Tunare/Yelinak/Velkator Kill
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Event Item Report

Total Items


Item Counts

Name#∑ PriceAvg. Price
[Amethyst Amulet] 155.00
[Amulet of Necropotence] 110001,000.00
[Argent Protector] 36020.00
[Azure Ring]155.00
[Bixie Sword Blade] 155.00
[Black Silk Cape] 155.00
[Black Tear] 317558.33
[blight, hammer of the scourge ] 155.00
[Box of Winds] 2105.00
[Brain of Cazic-Thule] 1370370.00
[Ceramic Mask] 155.00
[Ceremonial Belt] 421553.75
[ceromonial belt ]11010.00
[Circlet of Brambles] 11010.00
[Cloak of Flames] 1230230.00
[Cloak of Scales] 17575.00
[Cloak of the Fearsome] 1200200.00
[Cracked Leather Eye Patch]155.00
[Crude Wooden Flute] 155.00
[diamond encrusted staff ] 155.00
[Djinni War Blade] 1150150.00
[earring of bashing ] 12020.00
[efreeti great staff] 155.00
[Emerald Tear] 155.00
[Ethereal Ruby] 1120120.00
[Eye of Cazic-Thule] 1425425.00
[Fine Cloth Raiment] 155.00
[Finely Woven Cloth Belt] 155.00
[Glowing Diamond] 155.00
[Glowing Necklace] 155.00
[Golden Coffer] 11010.00
[Golden Efreeti Bracers] 22010.00
[golden efreeti breastplate]23015.00
[Golden efreeti chestplate] 1130130.00
[golden efreeti greeves]155.00
[Golden Efreeti Ring] 1120120.00
[Golden Efreeti Turban] 13535.00
[Golden Efreeti Vambraces] 217587.50
[Hotof's Bracer] 15050.00
[Icebelt] 155.00
[Incarnadine Breastplate] 155.00
[Insignia Protector] 1280280.00
[Jester's Mask]155.00
[karvuul's mystic pouch ]215075.00
[Kelin`s Seven Stringed Lute] 1500500.00
[Leather Cord] 155.00
[light damask mantle] 25527.50
[light damask mask]155.00
[light wollen mantle]155.00
[Light Woolen Mantle] 155.00
[Lyssa's Darkwood Piccolo]15050.00
[Mantle of Fire] 1300300.00
[mantle of woven grass ] 2105.00
[Nebulous Sapphire] 155.00
[Ring of Veeshan] 3155.00
[runed bolster belt ] 431578.75
[shard of night]155.00
[Shiny Pauldrons] 26532.50
[Silken Mask] 155.00
[Silken Strands] 2475237.50
[Small Shield] 211055.00
[Sphinx Claw] 155.00
[Spined Dragon Claws] 155.00
[Spiritualist's Ring]2275137.50
[spiroc air totem ] 2105.00
[spiroc earth totem ] 18080.00
[Symbol of Veeshan] 11010.00
[tolan's darkwood greaves ] 1100100.00
[Treasure Hunter's satchel] 1100100.00
[White Tear] 26030.00

All Items

Item NamePriceClassWinner
[Amethyst Amulet] 5Wizard WizardJammie
[Amulet of Necropotence] 1000Bard BardFiction
[Argent Protector] 5Ranger RangerColdlogix
[Argent Protector] 50Ranger RangerSwollen
[Argent Protector] 5Warrior WarriorBarkoren
[Azure Ring]5Warrior WarriorZiltoid
[Bixie Sword Blade] 5Paladin PaladinBruenar
[Black Silk Cape] 5Necromancer NecromancerRaviah
[Black Tear] 60Necromancer NecromancerAmadais
[Black Tear] 55Bard BardCorvid
[Black Tear] 60Shadow Knight Shadow KnightNecrowarrior
[blight, hammer of the scourge ] 5Shaman ShamanZirithi
[Box of Winds] 5Wizard WizardThaiden
[box of winds ] 5Wizard WizardJammie
[Brain of Cazic-Thule] 370Enchanter EnchanterFame
[Ceramic Mask] 5Magician MagicianElivore
[Ceremonial Belt] 200Shaman ShamanElija
[ceremonial belt ] 5Shaman ShamanDomingox
[Ceremonial Belt] 5Shaman ShamanMoleman
[Ceremonial Belt] 5Shaman ShamanSandamak
[ceromonial belt ]10Shaman ShamanForgar
[Circlet of Brambles] 10Ranger RangerLaneril
[Cloak of Flames] 230Monk MonkKillerbee
[Cloak of Scales] 75Necromancer NecromancerSnackrifice
[Cloak of the Fearsome] 200Rogue RogueLinley
[Cracked Leather Eye Patch]5Monk MonkGoofus
[Crude Wooden Flute] 5Bard BardFiction
[diamond encrusted staff ] 5Wizard WizardGaldivar
[Djinni War Blade] 150Rogue RogueLilmuggs
[earring of bashing ] 20Warrior WarriorBushi
[efreeti great staff] 5Necromancer NecromancerKalandar
[Emerald Tear] 5Warrior WarriorKlint
[Ethereal Ruby] 120Druid DruidWhipped
[Eye of Cazic-Thule] 425Wizard WizardJammie
[Fine Cloth Raiment] 5Rogue RogueShamus
[Finely Woven Cloth Belt] 5Shadow Knight Shadow KnightDaimiax
[Glowing Diamond] 5Warrior WarriorKlint
[Glowing Necklace] 5Enchanter EnchanterClown
[Golden Coffer] 10Magician MagicianRson
[Golden Efreeti Bracers] 5Cleric ClericKiroa
[Golden Efreeti Bracers] 15Ranger RangerAirwrin
[golden efreeti breastplate]25Druid DruidNerene
[golden efreeti breastplate]5Druid DruidRacksout
[Golden efreeti chestplate] 130Ranger RangerSwollen
[golden efreeti greeves]5Bard BardMotif
[Golden Efreeti Ring] 120Magician MagicianBuddamage
[Golden Efreeti Turban] 35Cleric ClericKiroa
[Golden Efreeti Vambraces] 170Shaman ShamanSandamak
[Golden Efreeti Vambraces] 5Druid DruidNerene
[Hotof's Bracer] 50Bard BardFiction
[Icebelt] 5Rogue RogueKorey
[Incarnadine Breastplate] 5Warrior WarriorBarkoren
[Insignia Protector] 280Enchanter EnchanterFalh
[Jester's Mask]5Rogue RogueHidez
[karvuul's mystic pouch ]55Warrior WarriorDraft
[Karvuul's Mystic Pouch]95Necromancer NecromancerSnackrifice
[Kelin`s Seven Stringed Lute] 500Bard BardCaltral
[Leather Cord] 5Shaman ShamanDomingox
[light damask mantle] 5Shaman ShamanElija
[light damask mantle] 50Shaman ShamanSandamak
[light damask mask]5Shaman ShamanDomingox
[light wollen mantle]5Bard BardCaltral
[Light Woolen Mantle] 5Bard BardFiction
[Lyssa's Darkwood Piccolo]50Bard BardCaltral
[Mantle of Fire] 300Monk MonkHextora
[mantle of woven grass ] 5Druid DruidWardru
[Mantle of Woven Grass] 5Druid DruidTythus
[Nebulous Sapphire] 5Monk MonkSabbyy
[Ring of Veeshan] 5Necromancer NecromancerGhastreaver
[Ring of Veeshan] 5Rogue RogueShamus
[Ring of Veeshan] 5Necromancer NecromancerSanteria
[runed bolster belt ] 150Rogue RogueHidez
[runed bolster belt ] 55Bard BardVind
[Runed Bolster Belt] 55Shadow Knight Shadow KnightBenavidez
[runed bolster belt ] 55Bard BardCorvid
[shard of night]5Shadow Knight Shadow KnightDaimiax
[Shiny Pauldrons] 35Cleric ClericDougie
[shiny pauldrons ] 30Cleric ClericKiroa
[Silken Mask] 5Enchanter EnchanterFame
[Silken Strands] 225Monk MonkHextora
[Silken Strands] 250Monk MonkNurisaki
[small shield ] 5Cleric ClericRotag
[Small Shield] 105Cleric ClericMyzo
[Sphinx Claw] 5Paladin PaladinBruenar
[Spined Dragon Claws] 5Ranger RangerEcclesiastes
[Spiritualist's Ring]225Shaman ShamanElija
[Spiritualist's Ring]50Shaman ShamanMoleman
[Spiroc Air Totem] 5Warrior WarriorPaingain
[spiroc air totem ] 5Rogue RogueLilmuggs
[spiroc earth totem ] 80Ranger RangerSwollen
[Symbol of Veeshan] 10Shaman ShamanOshama
[tolan's darkwood greaves ] 100Ranger RangerLaneril
[Treasure Hunter's satchel] 100Rogue RogueLilmuggs
[White Tear] 30Cleric ClericAnowin
[White Tear] 30Enchanter EnchanterFame

Items by Class

#∑ PriceAvg. PriceClass
111785162.27Bard Bard
724535.00Cleric Cleric
616527.50Druid Druid
5690138.00Enchanter Enchanter
313545.00Magician Magician
61015169.17Monk Monk
725035.71Necromancer Necromancer
2105.00Paladin Paladin
839549.38Ranger Ranger
962569.44Rogue Rogue
412531.25Shadow Knight Shadow Knight
1475053.57Shaman Shaman
810513.13Warrior Warrior
544589.00Wizard Wizard
No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em